What if...

there was a way for you to change careers without the overwhelm?

What if...

you could find your ideal career and rebalance your lifestyle?

What if...

It's the reason we offer a variety of  career coaching programs at Second Steps, each with their own unique delivery method.
We want to understand your needs then recommend the right solution for you.
We also offer individual coaching sessions so you can get support to achieve your specific career or lifestyle goal.

you could do both?

How I can help you


Career Change with Confidence
  • Overcome the overwhelm common with career change

  • Let go of limiting beliefs that hinder progress

  • Develop your confidence to change

  • Clarify your career change goals

  • Design your career change plan

  • A 6 week program featuring 2 x 90 min workshops + an online course


Career Change with Abundance
  • Take back control of your life

  • Have confidence to put yourself first

  • Learn time saving strategies to more time for you whilst still maintaining a successful career

  • Define your ideal career and lifestyle

  • Clarify your career change goals

  • Design your career change plan

  • A 3 month program featuring a 90 min workshop an online course 3 x 60min coaching sessions and regular progress calls


The Ultimate Career and Lifestyle Change
  • Discover strategies to unhook from career unhappiness

  • Take back control of your life

  • Have confidence to put yourself first

  • Learn to save time so you can attend to you

  • Define your future career that feels like it's a part of who you are

  • Develop and take action on your career change goal

  • Design and implement your career change plan

  • A 9 month program blending group, individual, and supported approach and featuring 2 x 90 min workshops, an online course, 6 x coaching sessions, regular progress calls, unlimited email contact

The Coaching Session

In addition to my packages, I also offer 60 minute, online, individual coaching sessions. In each session we can explore a specific goal you have and help you identify and implement the most suitable path to achieve your goal.

Individual coaching sessions may also be used to practice implementing a specific skill or to further develop your knowledge or skill in a specific strategy.

60 minutes is allocated for each coaching session. So that we can maximise our time together, I ask that if you would like to address more than one specific goal, you schedule an additional session.

Individual support when you have a specific challenge to overcome or goal to achieve

You may wish to use individual coaching sessions to:

  • Get additional assistance with resume/cover letter creation

  • Practice interview skills

  • Get additional support with job searching

  • Explore a specific mindset strategy

  • Get assistance with a specific element of lifestyle improvement

  • Get help with networking techniques

  • Get help with establishing your LinkedIn profile



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