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Welcome to Career Change with Confidence


Let's uncover what's standing in the way of a career which aligns with your values, interests, and lifestyle. Together we'll build your self awareness and confidence to prepare you to capture the career of your dreams.


Career Change with Confidence

Find yourself stuck in an unhappy career, unable to identify what's holding you back?

  • Perhaps you don't feel worthy of going after your career dreams

  • Maybe there's shame in letting go of a career you invested years of study in 

  • Maybe you've been telling yourself that it's easier to stay in the career you know, even if it is a toxic

  • You might even think you don't have the time, money, or energy to explore your ideal career

Everyone needs something a little different in order to get to that moment of clarity and understanding and create a shift that expands their perspective, opening them up to new possibilities.


  • Overcoming the overwhelm that is common with career change

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs that get in the way of your progress and success

  • Developing your confidence by uncovering who you are through your values, interests, and beliefs

  • Getting clear on your career change goals

  • Taking action to make your ideal career a reality

Your Program Features

A 90 minute online workshop

  • Unhook from career unhappiness and approach your career change journey confidently

A 3 part online course

  • Identify your ideal career through exploration and develop your career change plan

A 90 minute online workshop

  • Discover the skills needed for career ready position applications

$ 357   (6 weeks)

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