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Welcome to Career Change with Abundance

It's time to feel the freedom of a career which lets you have your ideal lifestyle. Let's explore lifestyle choices in line with your values and carve out a career to suit. 


Career Change with Abundance

Feel like there's never enough hours in the day?

Can't recall when you last took time out?

  • Perhaps you feel unworthy of me time

  • Maybe you're always saying yes to others

  • Perhaps your work gets most of your time

  • You might not feel comfortable setting your boundaries

  • Maybe you're being pulled in many different directions 

  • Perhaps you haven't explored how your lifestyle and career could be more balanced

Everyone has different plans for their life and a different vision for how they want their life to look. Sometimes you can get so caught up in pleasing others that you forget how important it is to schedule time for yourself.


It often takes a bit of exploration to understand how life could look a whole lot different if you identified a career aligned with your values of freedom, balance, and flexibility and committed yourself to a lifestyle where even just some of the time, you were the number one priority.



  • Having simple strategies to free up more time

  • A lifestyle that let's you take time out for you whilst still maintaining a successful career

  • Taking back control of your life

  • Having the confidence to put yourself first

  • Defining your ideal career and an abundant lifestyle, rich in all things meaningful to you

Your Program Features

A 3 part online course

  • Identify your ideal career through exploration and develop your career change plan

A 90 minute online workshop

  • Discover and begin to implement strategies to help you create your ideal lifestyle

3 x 60 minute individual coaching sessions (online)

  • Discover and implement the skills for career ready position applications

$ 937   (3 months)

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