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Supporting survivors of a suicide attempt

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A Mission and Vision inspired by hope and determination

Our mission is to use the unique insights of lived experience to provide survivor-specific support services to promote better outcomes for people who have experienced a suicide attempt.

Our vision is for all people who have been impacted by a suicide attempt to have access to immediate and ongoing aftercare in an effort to minimise the risk of subsequent attempts and reduce the rate of suicides in Australia.  


Get to Know our Founder

There is immense comfort in being heard and understood.

Second Steps was started in 2019, after Founder, Amber Grace, experienced the loneliness and helplessness of being sent home after a suicide attempt with no support. Feeling hopeless and confused, Amber made a second attempt just two days later. Through connections with other attempt survivors, Amber realised she wasn’t alone in her experience. She recognised the need for attempt survivors to have access to immediate and ongoing support to reduce the likelihood of a second attempt and started the company, Second Steps.


The Values that Guide Us


We deliver support through the lens of lived experience to ensure each of our clients feels heard, respected, and understood.


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