Hi, I'm Amber - career coach, change maker, wellbeing warrior!


As a career coach, I am most passionate about guiding women through the journey of career change. I take a holistic approach with each client to ensure they feel prepared, supported, and empowered throughout the process.

"I found myself on an inward journey, taking steps to really understand who I was and what I wanted"

 I spent much of my life working in Learning and Development for luxury cosmetic brands. On the outside, I had, what others called, an enviable, high-end, successful life and career. But something wasn’t right. I was no longer proud of my success. I didn’t wake up each morning feeling like I was living my dream. I felt like I had a severe case of imposter syndrome. And I felt stuck; destined to continue the daily grind.

A life changing, personal experience became my wake up call. I knew I needed to make a change. I stepped away from employment completely and found myself on an inward journey. I took steps to really understand who I was, what I believed, and what I ultimately wanted. As a result of this journey I rediscovered my interests, values, and purpose. With a well thought goal and a clear plan I first moved into a different industry and eventually went on to start my own business.

Encouraging and empowering women is something that I've always found meaningful. I now love that it's something I get to do every single day with inspirational women who are taking courageous steps in their career change journey.


Amber, I need help with


Transitioning from uncertainty and overwhelm to career change success


Changing from an unhappy career and lifestyle to ideal career and lifestyle


Getting unstuck from an unhappy career, making improvements to my lifestyle, and finding my ideal career

Get to know me better!



1. Which of these do you dream of?

a) I don't really think that long term.

b) Making a difference in the world

c) Making a sea change or living in the country

d) Traveling the world solo.

2. What are you up to in your spare time now?


a) Usually getting ahead on work.

b) Dating or with my boyfriend.

c) I go out a lot and party.

d) ...........................................................................

Always something creative


4. What was your first job?

A Kitchenhand at Pizza Hut


5. When are you most productive?

a) Early in the morning.

b) Late in the afternoon.

c) At night.

d) On the weekends.

6. What's the best piece of advice you've received?

"You are flawed and imperfect, as is everyone else your will meet."


3. What's your favourite Podcast?

7. What's your preferred work environment?

a) Home Cooking.

b) True Crime.

c) Anna Faris is Unqualified.

d) Unlocking Us.

a) In peace and quiet.

b) Amongst a team you can bounce ideas off.

c) In your own office listening to music.

d) I can work anywhere

And my own podcast Talking Career Change 



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